Feeling lost in the transition from one way of working to another?

Do others seem to expect you to be something you’re not?

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I’m Phil Lowe and I help leaders bring more of who they are to what they do.  This is what is often called Authentic Leadership, and it requires a negotiation between your private and public self to make sure they can live together without having rows. You might be feeling dazed and confused in the middle of a transition from one way of working to another. You might be about to be - or have just been - promoted. You might have changed role or career. I’ll help you orient yourself and give you the tools to make the most of what you’ve already got. I do this with individuals and teams, with leaders, followers and individual contributors. Click for more information:

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"You are very accepting of who people are and bring a positive attitude to every person and situation. You are infinitely adaptable in your approach and have an appropriate model or quotation to illustrate every point."

Authentic, n. Genuine; authoritative; credible; trustworthy