Authentic leadership coaching for individuals 

I suggest you start by watching this video, and hear me describe my approach to coaching:

Who can benefit from my coaching?

Leaders in organisations: maybe your role has changed and you’re struggling with the conflict between who you really are and who you need to be for others. Maybe you initiated a change and are as disorientated by it as everyone else, while having to look like you know what you’re doing.

Team members and individual contributors: Maybe you’ve been told you need to have more impact and you’re not sure how to go about increasing your impact. Maybe you’ve had a change forced on you, perhaps with a new role or responsibility. 

Self-funding clients: I offer a discounted rate for those outside organisations who may be going through a difficult change of circumstances

Unwaged and those on low incomes: I keep some coaching slots free for those who can’t afford to pay. Just email me using the link below and tell me what it is you need help with.

"You have a boundless energy and enthusiasm for discovery and enquiry"

Authentic, n. Genuine; authoritative; credible; trustworthy