About me

Since gaining an MSc in Organisational Behaviour from the University of London, I have spent 28 years in the field of leadership development. I set up my own coaching and facilitation practice in 1997, following spells in people development roles at PwC and Goldman Sachs. I am a faculty member of London Business School, and a former faculty member of Henley Management College and Management Centre Europe.


I am licensed in the used of the Myers-Briggs Type  Indicator, the FIRO measures, Insights Discovery, Thinking Styles, the Strengths Deployment Inventory and the EQ-i measure of emotional intelligence.

My shady past….

My corporate clients eventually find out about my less respectable work in the Arts. Way before my Organisational Behaviour studies I trained and worked as a professional actor; I also worked as a freelance writer, and this has continued alongside my coaching and facilitation work. I write corporate scripts for use in leadership development and have written two books on the topic as well as seven series of the BBC Radio business panel game The Board Game. Away from the corporate world I am the author of two novels and an award-winning short film.

“Five minutes with Phil and I’m sorted”

Authentic, n. Genuine; authoritative; credible; trustworthy