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Feature film scripts:

  1. Rabbit Rescue (Family Comedy Animation): In an English wood being fenced off by the local landowner for a hunting free-for-all, a sheltered young rabbit is forced to take action when her mother is kidnapped for target practice; but before long she and her animal accomplices discover she has to save not just her mother, but the whole woodland population.

  1. Cordelia (live action fairy tale with piercings). The rebellious only daughter of Cornwall’s last faerie clan forms an uneasy alliance with an outcast spriggan when the gung-ho manager of a reopened local tin mine vows to wipe out their entire race.

TV series:

  1. The Empty Nest (comedy): After they wave their third and final child off to university, Martin and Jane decide they need to find a new purpose in their marriage, and set off on a project to try and reclaim their lost youth.

  1. The One and Only (Drama with music): Kicked out of his mid-life malaise by the suicide of a schoolfriend-turned-nemesis, underachiever Robbie goes on a journey to right the wrongs of his past, risking everything for an almost-too-late second shot at music stardom.

Short film scripts:

  1. Just In Time (Surreal Comedy). Obsessive timekeeper Martin is forced to compete with laid back charmer Rob when their jobs are merged into one. All Martin has to do is turn up on time for his interview; but when everything conspires to prevent him getting to work, he discovers instead a long-buried artistic yearning.

  2. The Wrong House (Drama). A woman convinced her husband is having an affair with a friend finds an unlikely ally in an apparently psychic five year old girl.

  3. Viking Date Night (Romantic Comedy). Thornbury University Viking Reenactment Society is down to its last four members. Oscar has a plan: hold a Viking-themed speed dating evening to recruit more women. His hidden agenda is his attempt to win the heart of the icy Maria - which proves an insurmountable challenge.

Plays for adults:

  1. The Point (Comedy). Graham, a jobbing corporate trainer, plans to take advantage of his entrepreneur wife Sally’s sale of her business and purchase of a mediterranean villa to run “Discover Your Life Purpose” retreats and establish himself as a self help guru. But on the inaugural weekend, a combination of the participants from hell, the arrival of an obsessive ex girlfriend under a pseudonym, and Sally’s attempts to reopen a debate about starting a family, mean Graham’s own life purpose comes under the spotlight and he has to take drastic action.

  2. Plays for schools:

  3. The Strange Tale of St Sharon’s (comedy thriller, suitable for performance as a school play by Year 6 upwards, large cast, mainly female) Constance, a Chemistry Prize winner with no friends, would give anything to be as popular as Maria, head girl of St Sharon’s Preparatory School for the Daughters of Gentlefolk. Then headmistress Mrs Kinsman is taken ill in mysterious circumstances, and her shadowy replacement, Miss Darkman, offers to make Constance's dream a reality. But why would anyone give the role of Head Girl to the least popular girl in the school? And why have all the staff started behaving so strangely? Then Constance stumbles upon the sinister truth. The whole school is in danger; but can she convince anyone to believe her?

  1. The Prisoner of Polygonia-A maths adventure. Visit

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Here is some of my stuff which is as yet unsold. It is a crime against art, I know (the fact it’s unsold, I mean, not the body of work itself.)